A Message from Marc


We are facing a terrible virus and difficult times. We hope you, your loved ones, and your family are well. Take good care of them.

This should have been a time to light up the BBQ, play some music on the sundeck and meet your neighbors. A time to get together and play, a time to invite your friends to see your studio and celebrate.

Unfortunately, none of this is possible at this moment. No one knows when our daily life can get back to normal. No artist knows when it will be possible to perform again for a crowd, how to make money, how to react, how to be in contact with the rest of the world.

Your studio at the Treehouse gives you the opportunity to deal with the situation in your own personal way. This is a time to reinvent your work and rebuild your stage. How can you interact with others? What can we do as a Treehouse community together?

Let's help each other. Share your knowledge and come to us when you have an idea. We might be able to make a difference.

Kind regards,

Marc Koolen
Treehouse Program Director

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